“No flirting with cashier”: The dramatic menu from Pune’s Irani Cafe

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Nowadays the competition between eateries is fierce. Hence, eatery owners are daily coming up with unique ideas to promote their café, diners, restaurants, etc. However, due to a weird picture that went viral, a restaurant has become the centre of attraction for its quirky menu.

A picture of one Irani café from Pune, Maharashtra was put online which shows a long list of restrictions. Every eatery has some directions and rules- “no smoking” and “no spitting” being the most common ones. But in this Irani cafe, they have an entire list of guidelines that you could not have imagined.

The list involves uncommon rules like, “no combing” and “no mobile games”. There’s also, “no discussing gambling” and “no matchsticks”. A really weird rule from the menu is “no free advice”. However, the weirdest rule is, “no flirting with the cashier”.

A Twitter user uploaded a picture of the menu asking, “what happened here?”

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